Businesses and homes are vulnerable to thefts and crimes. Even a building that is well-equipped with latest security gadgets needs security guards to take appropriate action during an unpleasant situation. It is proven that the presence of security guards is more effective than security systems, when it comes to discouraging burglars and vandals.

We at Assurance Security Services Inc. provide trained security guards for your safety and peace of mind in this world, where crime is on rise. Intelligent and trained security guards can recognize potential threats on time and deal with them before they can cause any harm. Our guards are trained to monitor and maintain security systems like surveillance cameras and alarms. If the system isn’t working properly it is their job to report it to the owner so that it can be repaired.

Security Services for Various Places

Theft, loitering, fights and wreckage are common at construction sites. We provide highly trained construction site security guards that make the workers follow security protocol and have their own preventive measures for difficult situations. The tools and equipment on construction site are expensive and prone to theft if not supervised. Hiring our professional guards will secure your construction site against thefts, risks and dangers.

Security guards patrol high risk areas of the facility at regular intervals. They are trained to identify fire hazards so that they can be addressed before the problem starts. Even if a fire breaks out, he will inform the fire department promptly and take all the necessary action like protection of people or workers in the area.

Having trained guards on the site from a reputed fire watch security, Alberta are very important to prevent fires and minimize damage just in case a fire breaks out by taking timely action.

When any event is organized, its security is the most important factor as thefts, harassments, vandalism are common and expected at events. Our event security guards prevent such mishaps by thoroughly checking everyone. They are trained to control crowds and ensure discipline. Highly trained security guards are hired to protect any special guests.

Our home security services maintain the security of your home; protect your loved ones and your valuables. A reliable security guard will prevent trespassers, as they are alert all the time and keep an eye out for suspicious activity. Having a trained security guard during an emergency is an asset to the home owner and people living in the house.

Hiring the Right Security Company if Vital

As there are various security providers, you need to choose an agency that is trustworthy and have proper credentials. Check on their customer satisfaction by talking to some of their clients. Identify your requirements from the security guard, such as you want your guard to work in one shift or two, the number of guards you need and whether you need an armed or an unarmed guard, before hiring. Check the kind of training and certification the security guards are given, and if it that suits your needs. Ask for a prior estimate to check if it fits in your budget.

For reliable and trained security guards, get in touch with Assurance Security Services Inc. They use GPS monitoring surveillance and their security guards are trained at the highest level to ensure your safety.

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