Keeping the Community Safe from Our Security Services

Assurance Security Services Inc is a security guard company protecting the community in Saskatchewan, Canada, and surrounding areas. The well-trained security guards create a safe and secure environment for you to work or live. Our unique approach and innovative methods keep up to your specific security needs. All security professionals go the extra mile to provide safety with a few or zero damage.
Assurance Security Services provides effective construction site security guard services in Alberta and the surrounding areas. Crime and safety hazards may cost financial and physical losses to a construction company. Our affordable team of construction site security guards will control access to the alleged site, in order to safeguard and protect it. Security Services Alberta

An accurate log is maintained by the guards with regards to the people entering or leaving the site such as contractors, employees or other visitors. Our patrol services have the patrol officers circling the industrial project site either on foot or in a vehicle at regular intervals. With high visibility security presence with professional, reliable and experienced security guards protecting your site, your property is safe from unwanted trespassers or criminals.

Safety in a Fire Break Out
The latest GPS monitoring system used by Assurance Security Services provides fire watch security Alberta to homeowners, which effectively reports the outbreak of fire on a property, before the situation gets out of control.
Our trained fire watch security guards will keep the building safe in the event of a fire breakout. You can rest assured, as your assets are always well protected with us. Our dedicated team of guards has specialized in fire watch training and has been administered licenses for the same. An immediate and prompt response is required at the time of a fire watch and our team is ready for it! Safe and Secure Event
The team of Assurance Security Services event security guards, with the right skill set, experience and professional training will make sure that your event runs smoothly, with the proper safety and security measures required. We are the special event security services in Alberta servicing all kinds of events from private and small functions to high profile and large events, depending on the client’s requirements.
To plan the security for an event, our temporarily hired security services perform protection duties along with acting as an emergency response unit to any contingency at the time of the event. We develop a customized security plan to accommodate the needs of every type of event. Protecting your Home and Family
Assurance Security Services has a strong team of home security services guards serving professionally in Canada. Our focus is not only on property but on people as well. With our leading-edge technology, an operation support centre and a fleet of vehicles equipped with the most advanced alarm and patrol systems, you can be comfortable that you are in safe hands. Our security guards are licensed, fully trained, experienced and uniformed always.
Our security guards are experts in environmental awareness, first aid, risk management, occupational health safety and hazard identification. They handle any kind of situation with effective yet discreet procedures. We are hoping to secure clients in high profile organizations, whether government or private. Assurance Security Services works on a guard tracking technology, real time GPS vehicle tracking, dash cam verifications and issues electronic PDF reports to its clients, backed by photo evidence too. Our aim is to deliver only top-quality service to you!

Our Serving Sites

We carefully tailor the services as per the specifics of the environment. From a small construction site with construction materials & equipment to a well-established bank that stores public assets, our experienced guards have it all covered. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We provide high standards of protection for various environments.

  • Construction sites
  • Events
  • Loss prevention
  • Fire watch
  • Neighborhood control
  • Bank
  • Residential and commercial property

With our fast, safe, and reliable security services, we let you have the peace of mind you deserve, both now and in the future.

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